Saturday, July 5, 2008

The prodigal son returns...

Wow. I haven't posted on this blog since last October. OCTOBER! That's nine months since I last decided to share my thoughts and experiences with the world at large.

For those of you who I haven't taked to in that time, no, I haven't had a baby or anything. I've just been simply too busy to post. School, work and family are three fairly time-consuming things and the blog just kinda fell by the wayside. Also, I notice that the blogging stopped as soon as my workload in school kicked up a notch. Those of you who are in or have taken Cre Comm know that when you spend five days a week writing various articles, proposals, pitch letters and other assorted communications pieces, the urge to write for fun kinda dies.

Well, I've decided to dust off this blog, clear out the cobwebs and start writing again. Several reasons for this, really. Since school ended I have not had an opportunity to write anything at all other than shopping lists and the occasional angry letter to George W. Bush. (Dear George: Stop doing shit. You've got less than six months left. Just relax and enjoy the plane while you've still got it. Sincerely, Dan. P.S. You suck.)

I have also found time in my schedule to actually sit down and write in it as well, so might as well take advantage, eh? Considering I almost always draw a blank whenever I go on the internet (email, facebook, wwdn, then ?) This will give me something else to do.

So whaddya think? Anything you want to talk about in particular? Drop me a line and we'll talk.

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