Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Big Red Machine is back!

I was watching mostly NBC tonight, and I saw a bunch of these little short Hellboy 2 promos. Pretty funny stuff, actually. One of them features Hellboy being interviewed by James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio, another has him gently stroking a fluffy kitty. It's pretty apparent that whatever studio produced Hellboy 2 also owns NBC. Ah, cross promotion. Where would we be without you?

I am excited as hell -er- boy? (sigh, I gotta stop that.) about this movie. I loved the first one and the comic series and this one looks just as good, if not better.

Here's a question: why is it that the studio feels the need to tout this film as being from the director of Pan's Labyrinth? How about from the director of Hellboy? Isn't that one a little more relevant? What, because Pan's Labyrinth got all these critical accolades and oscars and Hellboy didn't that makes it more appealing to the masses? Well, let me clue you in a bit, Universal: this one ain't gonna win too many awards either, other than for special effects or makeup or somehing like that.

I just think its funny: All these comic book movies being made, and the studios are still trying to find a way to sell them to mainstream audiences. What they haven't figured out yet is that the comic book/sci-fi/fantasy audiences are becoming the mainstream. Just look at the turnout at conventions across North America. The San Diego comic con, taking place at the end of this month, is almost completely sold out. Our own Manitoba Comic Con is moving from the Victoria Inn into the Convention Centre this year because of record attendance. We're everywhere!

Anyway, between Hellboy, The Dark Knight and the upcoming X-Files movie, I will be hitting the theatre a lot this month. I'll post reviews here as I see 'em!


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