Friday, October 12, 2007

some people's kids...

Ok, so this twit wrote a letter to The Projector. I thought it was the biggest piece of garbage that I ever read. So of course I decided to respond. I won't bother printing the original letter here because....well frankly I don't feel like typing it out. Suffice to say that it was dumping on the Princess St. campus for various idiotic reasons. I will however post my response because I can simply cut and paste. So here it is:

I Love the Princess Street Campus

I am in my first year here at the downtown campus, and I for one am proud
to be a student here. This is one of the most unique collection of buildings
that I've ever seen, and I believe it has won some architectural awards.
Those two staircases you refer to? I believe the designers made them narrow
so as to reduce the space they take up in the hallways that they lead to,
duh! I almost never have a problem getting up and down those stairs, most
students here are polite and wait their turn.

As for the recycling boxes, it doesn't take a second year BA student to
figure out that the reason the various boxes have odd-shaped openings is
because the school doesn't want people throwing garbage in them! If you know
that the paper bin has a slit, don't crumple your paper! The big bins in the
caf have small holes because they only want bottles and cans put in them!
Our campus is taking a proactive approach to the climate crisis, and I for
one support it and recycle as much as possible.

Tell me, what is the literal sense of the word "retarded?" To me it is a
derogatory comment referring to people with intellectual disabilities. If
you were trying to say "stupid," then just say "stupid". Don't use a word
that could be confused with an offensive slur.

Now you complain about not being able to find a seat along the Princess
side of the campus, in the couches and comfy chairs? Well no kidding! I
personally don't care who is sitting there, be it student or not. The bottom
line is that the good seats are going to get taken first. Now, last time I
checked this was a public campus, and we are home to the only Tim Hortons in
the Exchange District. We're gonna attract our share of non-students. What,
would you rather NOT have a Tim's on campus?

Finally, there is our poor security guard. Trying to write his novel in his
down time. In my opinion this is the perfect job to have if you are a
writer. Anyone who has worked a security job knows this: there's a lot of
sitting around. It doesn't matter how dedicated you are, your ass sits the
same way in that chair. You might as well do something constructive, no?

So overall, I found your letter offensive, grammatically incorrect, and
extremely ill-informed and unintelligent. It sounds like a 14-year-old wrote
it. Next time keep your opinion to yourself.

Dan Vadeboncoeur
1st year Creative Communications

So the Projector published my letter, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I have several people tell me that they agree with me and that they thought the original letter was offensive. (What really bothered me about the letter was the person's use of the word "retarded." Allow me to quote: "That is retarded in the literal sense of the word." It was that exact phrasing that set me off.)

The Projector published my email address with the letter, which is fine. Yesterday I recieved an anonymous e-mail from someone who didn't like my letter. Here it is:

Dear Danny Dumbass,

I am in my second year at RRC at the Notre Dame campus. I for one am proud
to be a student here. It does however; pain me to admit I have spent a
summer at the Princess St campus picking up an extra course. Admitting this
travesty can only be compared to a rape victim having to relive the events
in front of a court. Just thinking about my experiences at Princess makes
me want to scrub myself raw.

I'm glad you decided to share with us the fact that PS won architectural
awards. I wish you would have clarified which ones for me. I, on the other hand; have done some investigative research, and I have discovered that it has indeed won three (bad things come in threes) titles. Please read below:
1. the award for the biggest shit hut
2. the award for the most pretentious students
3. the award for the school with the worst lounges. (Really, I would rather
spend my down time jerking off with sandpaper than sit on one of those
dirty couches)

For a school that "is taking a proactive approach to the climate crisis"
your school sure adds a lot of bullshit to the environment, as well as
computers that drain power, not to mention a continuous wireless internet running 24/7. But heaven forbid I throw my can of Full Throttle into the can marked for cardboard products.

It may not take a second year BA student to figure out various openings are for various shaped objects; it does however take someone as witty as yourself who is enrolled in a course with as much prestige as “CreComm” to insult someone for sounding like a 14-year old. Tell me, do you get a handshake before or after your certificate is emailed to you?

You would be lucky to portray yourself as 14. With lines like,

“…would you NOT have a Tims on campus?”

or my favorite,

“….reduce the space they take up in the hallways that they lead to, duh!” I would predict that you were a 12 year old junior high school girl who thinks too much of herself after watching “The Hills” or “Laguna Beach”

As far as the security goes, they should not be writing a novel while on duty. If you were a bank executive or a reporter and had some spare time, would you be writing a novel? Well you probably would because you write poorly made letters to a college newspaper on your spare time. Any normal person would like their security guard to be on watch when he has spare time. I was at Princess St this summer, and a pack of drunken people came in and started making trouble. But I guess if invaders came into your school you would beat them down with you self importance.

(dis) Regards,

-Nore Dame Warrior

I have not altered this in any way those spelling and punctuation mistakes are real. I do regret using the "duh", I was simply trying to speak at the same maturity level as the original writer (zing!) What really amuses me is this: I didn't even mention the Notre Dame campus in my letter. To be honest, half the time I forget that there IS a Notre Dame campus. I really don't care one way or another what they think.

I have since learned that the security guard in question was misquoted in the article that said he was writing his novel at work. (Part of the first letter.) In fact, he said that he gets his story ideas when he's at work, but he does not write here. Wouldn't matter to me if he did, he works the midnight to 8 am shift. He does all his rounds and the place is secure.

The only thing I can think of is that this person must know the girl who wrote the letter that I responded to. She may be distraught, and this giant douche decided to defend her honour. I honestly can't believe that someone would take offense to what I wrote just based on the letter alone.

I am not going to respond. I have however shared the letter with a lot of my classmates, and now anyone else who cares to read this blog. Incidentally, the person created a specific email address:
to blast me from. Feel free to email him/her if you want.

Obviously spelling is not their strong suit.

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