Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok, so part of the Cre Comm program that I'm in is Journalism. I am strongly leaning towards this being my major. As a potential Journalist, I'm a little proud to announce my first published articles. I had two in this week's Projector (RRC's campus paper.) The first one is a piece I wrote for a "streeter" assignment. That's where my Journalism instructor sends us out into the streets to find a story and come back and write it. We have one hour and 50 minutes to complete the assignment. I ran like hell down to Portage Place and back to get this one.


By Dan Vadeboncoeur
310 words

People working in and around Portage Place are reacting with both sadness and resignation to the news that McNally Robinson Booksellers will be closing the doors of its downtown location and relocating to a much larger Polo Park store next spring.
For Hentie Jordaan, native of South Africa and employee at the Portage Place location for five months, it means a longer trip to work and fewer anecdotes for his family back home. “I will miss the interesting people that come in here,” he says.
As well, Jordaan believes that many customers will not follow the store to its new location. “Many of our regular customers have physical disabilities and are in wheelchairs. It may not be convenient for them to make the trip to Polo Park.”
However, as an employee of the store, he understands the reasoning behind the move. “It makes sense from a business perspective,” says Jordaan. “Right now we don’t have a music section to speak of. The new location will have much more room for us to make more specialized sections.”
To some, the news comes as a shock. “I knew that they were opening up a new store in Polo Park,” says David, who declined to give his last name. He works at the Foot Locker next door to McNally and worked at Polo Park as well. David is a regular McNally customer and isn’t likely to visit its replacement, which according to several mall employees will most likely a Coles. “I think that (McNally Robinson) is a much better store, with a better selection of magazines,” he says. “I live closer to the Grant Park location, so I’ll just go there.”
The downtown location will close its doors on April 1, 2008 and on the same day the Polo Park store will open up in the space that is currently occupied by SportChek.

I got the coveted spiderman sticker for that one. It was a good story so I submitted it to the paper. This next one is a story I was assigned by the sports editor of the Projector. I want to be a sports writer, so I thought I'd try my hand at covering the school teams.


By Dan Vadeboncoeur
396 words

Some key returning players, a determination to win and some unwavering fan support will all be contributing factors to all four of our RRC Rebels sports teams making a repeat appearance in the CPAC championships according to Ryan Ratushniak, Manager of Athletics and Recreation Services for Red River College.
Last season the men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams all made it to the finals, with the women’s volleyball team winning the CPAC (Central Plains Athletic Conference) Championship. Ratushniak says that it’s a good possibility that they could do it again.
“Our women’s volleyball team will be motivated to repeat as CPAC Champions, and all of the other teams will be hungry for the CPAC Championship banner after being so close last year,” he says.
Not bad for a sports program that’s only starting its third year after a 20 year hiatus and must play against 6 other highly competitive teams.
The volleyball teams are in somewhat of a rebuilding year, having lost several players to graduation. However of the returning players, most are in the starting lineup.
Players like Chris Morrisette, a 6’ 7” second year Business Administration student who is looking forward to a successful year for the men’s volleyball team. “We have good strong players in every position,” he says. “There are 3 or 4 new players who look really good.”
As far as basketball goes, Ratushniak feels that these may be two of our strongest teams yet. “Our men’s basketball team could compete at the university league level,” he says. High praise considering that most universities have a much bigger student base than Red River does.
A huge motivating factor for all the sports team’s this year will be the fans. All 8 home games for each team will be played in the North Gym at the Notre Dame campus, and admission is free for all RRC students. Ratushniak is looking forward to a good turnout this season. “We had great fan support last year and we would love to see that again this year,” he says.
Another way fans can show their support is by coming out to the first Rebels Revolution social which will be held on Saturday, September 29, 2007 in the South Gym. Tickets are available at the Ox (Notre Dame Campus) or by contacting Ratushniak at 632-3030. All proceeds will go towards the RRC Rebels Scholarship fund.

So that's it. I just wanted to share with all of you who aren't RRC students just what exactly I'm doing in this program. I am having a great time with this and I plan on writing more articles for the Projector throughout the year.

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