Thursday, August 9, 2007

so this is blogging....

Okay so I've decided to give this a serious go, being that I eventually want to do this kind of stuff for a living, I might as well get as much writing practice as I can, right? Right. I have posted a few blogs here and there on Myspace and Facebook, but that was before I really got a handle on this whole weblog thing. Now I read several other blogs daily and I finally get it.

So I'll leave it at that for this first post. Only thing that's happening today that is of note is that we're taking Jack in for his one year immunization shot. I am preparing myself as best I can for listening to my son scream Bloody Murder while I stand there helpless to do anything about it. What is going to make this especially hard is that he is so much more AWARE of things now than he was six months ago. I get the feeling that he's gonna be pissed off all night because of it. We'll see.

Countdown: 2 weeks and one day until I am finished work!

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