Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the cat came back... hopefully!

Well, Flash is gone.

Flash is our cat. Or rather, one of our cats. He made a break for freedom while Nicholas was letting the dog in. He's done this before, but in the past he has always just sat outside on the step, unsure of what to do with his new found freedom.

Well he obviously had an elaborate escape plan worked out. He sat there crouched by the door and as soon as it opened, he was out the door and around the corner in, well, a flash. It's the reason for his name: that kitty can move.

So when I got home from school today, we went looking for him. Actually we were getting ready to go look for him when he popped his little head up and meowed through the front door window. However, as soon as Nicholas went to open the door, he was gone again. It's like he was saying "I'm okay guys, I'm just gonna hang out out here for a while. Don't worry about me, I'll come home when I feel like it."

I've called the humane society and we did go out and search for a while, but he still hasn't come home. Nicholas has been pretty worried all day, and all I can tell him is that I believe that Flash will either come home, or someone will find him and call the humane society. The next step is making posters and putting them up around the neighborhood. We plan on doing that tomorrow.

All in all, kind of a crappy night.

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dapperdan said...

Not that anyone is reading this... but the cat came back.....the very next day. Hmmm Fred Penner IS a genius!