Thursday, August 30, 2007


So yesterday, I was riding on the Most Crowded Bus Ever.

I know that those of you who went to U of M are saying "listen buddy, you don't know nuthin' about crowded. Let ME tell you about crowded..." or something a little more grammatically correct. You are a university graduate after all.

Listen, I have been to U of M, I have taken the bus home from there at 3:30 in the afternoon, and that ride doesn't even come close to this experience.

Take the human sardine can that is the 60 Pembina coming out of the U of M at the end of the day. Add to that 2 baby strollers, 3 seniors with walkers, one man in a wheelchair and a partridge in a pear tree. That was my ride to school yesterday. When the guy in the wheelchair had to get off the bus, it took ten minutes to get everyone off to make room for him. One woman had to move her walker, but didn't want to. When the bus driver offered to move it for her and bring it back after the gentleman disembarked she replied, "well, ok. But I'm taking my money with me!" Like the bus driver is going to leave her $25.00 an hour job to steal your purse and abandon her bus full of passengers. I can just see her running down the street: "Woo hoo! I've got twenty bucks! Screw you Winnipeg Transit!"

But I digress...

I guess it's just a bit of a shock for me being so crowded. I haven't ridden the bus on a regular basis for over two years. I'm used to my quiet drive to work, in my car alone. With all the room in the world. I had this naive idea that I would be able to study and work on my laptop (this weekend, baby!) while I was riding the bus to school. Well, I don't have room to scratch my ass most days. Oh well. It's all worth it to save me money and to help the environment.

Remember those "Bus-ology" ads that used to be posted on the bus? You know, the ones that show all the annoying things that other passengers on the bus can do? Well they're back. It looks to me like they're just using the same ads that they used a few years ago. Way to save my tax dollar, city council! Anyway, I was thinking that they should come out with a series of these to show all the annoying things that the bus DRIVERS do on a regular basis. How about "Stoppus for Coffeeus too Oftenus." Or "Driveus Awayus when you're running after the Bussus and it's obvious to everyone around you that you really want to catch that bus but the effing driver won't stop! Er, -us."

Funny story related to that. One time I was running after the bus. I had had a REALLY bad day at work, I mean I was just in a pissy mood. I was running, and I thought the driver had seen me, but he started too pull away! I was so pissed off that I gave the driver the finger!

Then he stopped.

Sheepishly I approached the bus to get on. He wouldn't let me on at first. He mimicked me giving the finger and I mimed an apology. He opened the door and gave me a mini-lecture: "If I see you, I'll stop," he says. How am I supposed to know that when 99% of the Transit drivers out there won't (or so it seems to me.) I got on the bus and he drove on. The moral of the story: never give the bus driver the finger- When you depend on them to get home, they hold all the power.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the cat came back... hopefully!

Well, Flash is gone.

Flash is our cat. Or rather, one of our cats. He made a break for freedom while Nicholas was letting the dog in. He's done this before, but in the past he has always just sat outside on the step, unsure of what to do with his new found freedom.

Well he obviously had an elaborate escape plan worked out. He sat there crouched by the door and as soon as it opened, he was out the door and around the corner in, well, a flash. It's the reason for his name: that kitty can move.

So when I got home from school today, we went looking for him. Actually we were getting ready to go look for him when he popped his little head up and meowed through the front door window. However, as soon as Nicholas went to open the door, he was gone again. It's like he was saying "I'm okay guys, I'm just gonna hang out out here for a while. Don't worry about me, I'll come home when I feel like it."

I've called the humane society and we did go out and search for a while, but he still hasn't come home. Nicholas has been pretty worried all day, and all I can tell him is that I believe that Flash will either come home, or someone will find him and call the humane society. The next step is making posters and putting them up around the neighborhood. We plan on doing that tomorrow.

All in all, kind of a crappy night.

Monday, August 27, 2007

and it begins....

Yesterday was my first day of school. Not that we did any schoolwork or anything, mind you. It was basically an information session where we were introduced to all of the instructors, received our class schedules and heard from a whole bunch of second year Cre Comm students about how awesome our first year will be. I found out that over the course of the next year that I will be: a) going on the radio to read the news and sports OR to host my own talk show if I can think of something interesting to talk about. b) writing a story (possibly more than one) for the school newspaper. c) learning how to produce a news broadcast, game show and talk show for television, and d) doing something only referred to as "the magazine project" which was spoken of by the second year students with the same tone of voice as one uses to describe a root canal, or watching the Nanny Diaries.

I also was taken on a tour of the campus which is really cool! If you've never been there, the RRC downtown campus consists of two city blocks in the exchange district with the "alley" between them converted into a giant atrium. Wherever they could, the designers kept as much as possible of the original buildings so you get this great mix of old school exchange district and brand spankin' new educational facility. There are flatscreen TVs all over the place, and I just get this great feeling walking throught the halls, like I'm doing something meaningful again. Plus, it is also equipped with a Tim Horton's, so I'm pretty much have everything I need here!

For the last few weeks, whenever I have talked to anyone about my going back to school, one of the most common questions I get is "are you nervous?" To that I always answer with a resounding "NO!" I'm really not. I only feel excitement about the next two years and about the career that I'm going to get out of this. I feel like I've finally gotten my head out of my ass and figured out what I want to do with my life. My only regret is that I didn't figure this out about ten years ago.

The other great aspect of this whole school thing is this: it feels awesome to not be working for DA MAN at a full time job for this first time since I graduated high school. I'm a poverty-stricken student!!! Woo hoo!!! Now I just hope my student loan goes throught in the next few weeks, or I'm screwed.....

Thursday, August 9, 2007

so this is blogging....

Okay so I've decided to give this a serious go, being that I eventually want to do this kind of stuff for a living, I might as well get as much writing practice as I can, right? Right. I have posted a few blogs here and there on Myspace and Facebook, but that was before I really got a handle on this whole weblog thing. Now I read several other blogs daily and I finally get it.

So I'll leave it at that for this first post. Only thing that's happening today that is of note is that we're taking Jack in for his one year immunization shot. I am preparing myself as best I can for listening to my son scream Bloody Murder while I stand there helpless to do anything about it. What is going to make this especially hard is that he is so much more AWARE of things now than he was six months ago. I get the feeling that he's gonna be pissed off all night because of it. We'll see.

Countdown: 2 weeks and one day until I am finished work!